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Enjoy the convenience of having your favorite Hill’s food delivered straight to your door step!




A few things to think about

  • Remember to always keep your pet’s warm inside during the cold winter months and cool out of the heat in the hot summer months. It is always important to make sure your pets have plenty of water readily available to them.

  • It’s important to keep them up to date on all their annual vaccinations. If you are traveling consult your veterinarian to see if there are any other precautions during your travels.

  • Don’t forget Heartworm prevention even in the winter months

  • Pet Dental Health is important for the over all health of your pet.


Pet’s Love Unconditionally..

They are loyal to a fault. They may decide to chew your favorite shoe or dig up your flower garden, but at the end of the day they just want to know you love them. Remember, your pets rely on you for all their needs, and in return they are your most loyal friend.

Special Awareness Months

  • January

    • National Train Your Pet Month

  • February

    • Pet Dental Health Month

  • April

    • Heartworm Prevention Month

  • August

    • National Immunization Awareness Month

Tips for Healthy Pets

  • Annual Vaccinations and Physical Exams

  • Annuals Heartworm Test and Fecal Test

  • Heartworm Preventatives Year Round

  • Flea and Tick Prevention Year Round

  • 6 Month to Yearly Dentals

Boarding Requirements

Canine vaccination requirements:

Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, Negative Fecal every 6 months

Feline vaccination requirements

Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, Negative Fecal every 12 months


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality medical care for our patients. We will provide our clients with education on animal care and ownership, including public health awareness. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations by treating owners and their pets with respect, honesty, and compassion. Our services are provided in a clean, safe and friendly environment, and our goals are to work as a team, complementing each others' talents and retaining a positive attitude.

We offer top of the line treatments for patients. Our boarding facility offers only luxury suites with options for extra one on one time with our staff. We strive to make your pet feel loved and at home while staying in a luxury suite. It is important for our clients and their companions to have an excellent experience whether it's visits with the veterinarians or cuddle time during their boarding stay. 


Our Office

4517 North Bentwood Drive
San Angelo, Texas 76904


 Veterinarian Hospital: (325)284-3017

Boarding and Paw Spa : (325) 284-3018



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Our profession allows us to share information, educate clients, and strengthen the human-animal bond. All that positive energy for the greater good is what I love the most
— Linda De La Torre