Paw Spa Services


Grooming Services

Bath time

  • Suds and buds Bath

    • includes : wash and blow dry, Blueberry Facial, pawdicure and minty fresh breathe treatment


Add-on or Stand Alone Services:

Mini Grooming Service

*All Services include a splash of perfume

  • Brush out 15 minutes

  • Furminating Brush out 15 minutes

  • Dematting 15 minute

  • Sanitary Clips

  • Pawdicure

  • Fresh Breath Teeth Brushing

  • Soft paws nail caps Front only or Full Set

  • Soft paws nail caps reapplication

**All Mini grooming services can be a stand alone service or can be combine with other grooming services

***Please note we do not SHAVE or CLIPPER