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At North Bentwood Veterinary Hospital and Boarding we offer a variety of services, both walk-in and by reservation. Your pet's health is important to us and that includes healthy coats, paws, and teeth. Let us pamper your pet with a relaxing spa experience.

Soft Paws and pawdicures


Paw care is important to your pets health. Have your pet's nails gotten too long? Let us shape those nails and soften those paws. Ask about our specialty nails, nail polish, and paw lotion. 


Canine and Feline Brushout

Pawsitively Tangle-Free

Pet's love getting their hair brushed and a gentle rub down. We offer brush outs to keep your pets fur tangle free. Need help furminating your pets undercoat? Choose between a dematting brush out or furminating sessions to help during the shedding season. 


Canine and Feline brushing teeth

Minty Fresh Breath Treatment

No one likes bad breath, especially when it comes to getting kisses. Let us help give your pet a stress-free fresh breath brushing experience. 


Suds and Buds Bath


Suds and Buds Bath

Does you pet love to get you soaked during bath time? We would be happy to bath your pet and return them to you smelling their best with a splash of perfume. Don't be shy to ask about our specialty paw soaks for clean soft paws. Reserve your pets bath time today!

*Suds and Buds bath is by Reservation Only